Become a dice expert: no magic but strategies

As usual in the games of chance the house has all the ballots to win. So the player is practically obliged to carry a pre-established plan if they want the percentage of probabilities to be equalized as much as possible. Thus, the most advisable strategy in DADU Online is to bet on those plays in which the chances of victory of the house are minimized, Pass Line, Line of No Pass, Bet of Exit and Bet of No Exit.Keep calm is essential, especially when you are in a negative streak. So, it is highly recommended to face each game with a limit of losses to avoid falling into a dynamic of despair that leads to a large economic loss, in addition to other strategies directly related to the game.

Methods and mind setting

Methods such as Martingale strategy are applicable to the dice, ways to get money through probabilities that require a very firm discipline to achieve benefits. But they are not the only ones since you are going to find in the 5-Point Method which is another good way to leave the table with a smile from ear to ear.


This strategy starts with the Zero Account with which we add zero in the first roll. Follow Account One, this time dedicated to the exit point whenever they are 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10. For the rest of the numbers the Zero Account is maintained.

The next step comes with Account 2-4 which adds one to each roll until the account reaches four. Once the sum reaches 4 it will remain until the exit point is defined again a step called Account 5. Finally, it would only be possible to bet when the account reaches 5 and it is always advisable to opt for the bets of Exit, No Exit, Pass, Do not Pass or any that leave out the proposals.

After the first release           

As you have learned that the only way to keep the dice rolling is to have established the exit point. From that moment it is time to make more bets that have little to do with the Pass Line or the No Pass Line. You can go with more serious things such as Field Betting, whose foundation lies in betting on the next roll by a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12 and if done by the 3, 4, 9, 10 u 1, the payment is 1: 1. Although the 2 and 12 increase to 2: 1.

Conclusion: profits and loss

You can raise the profits but also the difficulty. Proposition bets on dice have several options such as bet 3, with a payment of 15: 1 if you get a 3. You also can bet 7 where you must get a 7 and in which payments are reduced to 4: 1, as well as the Eleventh Bet which pays 15: 1 in case the dice score 11. There is profit and loss with every game but it is you who decide what to do with the amount and how much to bet for safe and secure play.